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For those that love a pop of added drama, our lashes range from simply natural to luxurxious & dramtic. The Blinks collection feature heavy density, and clusters of lashes that vary in length, for a voluminous, textured finish, yet incredibly comfortable & lightweight. Whether for every day natural glam or for nights out on the town, these stand out lashes are sure to make a perfectly bold statement.

Lash Specifications

  • False Eyelash Length: above 1.5cm

  • False Eyelashes Style: Thick

  • Manufacturing Process: Hand Made

  • Item Type: False Eyelash

  • False Eyelashes Band: Plastic Cotton Band

  • False Eyelash Material: Other

  • False Eyelash Type: Full Strip Lashes

  • Size: Animal hair

  • Color: Black

  • Item Type: False Eyelash

  • Material: Mink lash

  • Cruelty free: Yes

  • Faux mink lashes: 3D Lashes

How to apply False Lashes...

1. Gently remove the false lashes from the tray using tweezers

2. Hold the lash strip against your eyelid & trim the ends if the band is too wide

3. Apply a thin strip of lash glue along the band & wait for the glue to become tacky

4. Place the lash band as close to your lash line as possible & hold until it is secure

5. Store lashes in its original packaging to preserve its shape & integrity

Have Questions?

What is the difference between mink and synthetic false eyelashes?

The difference between synthetic and mink lashes is unquestionably, quality. Mink is a 100% natural fur that provides a lightweight feel, natural shine, and flexibility. Mink lashes have the ability to be curled, mimicking real human hair which gives them a feather like appearance. Unlike synthetic lashes, our natural mink fur is free from chemical processing or dyes which allows for an extremely soft and natural look. Mink lashes possess a much longer lifespan as they can be worn until they're unusable, in contrast to Synthetic Lashes, which may be cheaper in price but have a very limited lifespan as they are only usable for a few uses and are potentially irritating to the eye along with looking and feeling less natural. Mink eyelashes are considered top-tier opposed to Synthetic Lashes. Consider this comparison; Mink is the LIONESS and Synthetic is the cub. 

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